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Miramar is known as a bedroom community to both the larger Ft. Lauderdale and Miami markets. The city is bordered to the south by Miami Dade County, to the north by Pembroke Pines and to the west by the Florida Everglades. The majority of residential units in Miramar were built in the late 1990’s. In Western Miramar (West of Flamingo) residents typically live in large single family homes located inside well landscaped gated communities. In central and Eastern Miramar residential units are made up of primarily condos, townhomes and single family homes built prior to 2000.
Miramar is known as a very family friendly city with a large population of families with school aged children living in the city. It is well known for it’s quiet and peaceful lifestyle and for many of its park which fill up with league sport games for children and adults alike. The city of Miramar is home to numerous corporations including – NBC6, Humana, Southern Wine & Spirits, Alcatel-Lucent, Clear Channel Communications and numerous others. Historically the city has attracted those who work in one of its many corporate plazas as well as those that work in the greater Miami area due to its easy access to I-75 and the Florida Turnpike.


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